(Disclaimer: Not a traditional poem but I think it’s closer to the spoken word poetry category)


Decade, upon decade; I tell fate
Being loved by strangers catches me off guard,
Surprises me- “Is this what it is supposed to feel like?”
Is it really like they show in the movies?
Sisters, brothers, fathers and mothers
Is home really just people, who know and even care
about which side of the bed you like most.

Oh, I wouldn’t know, so don’t ask me how.
The only home that I have ever felt
lives outside of my house.
Out there, separated; from my blood.
Because on the genetic code map in these cells,
somehow, home was never marked.

I am sorry, dear home, for getting scared so easily
Not knowing where to go when you are not in my sights.
For I am still learning, how to receive all this love
that you so freely give me
As though I am actually as amazing as you say.

I try to hold on to the little amount these walls taught
Here, love was hiding and shutting up.
But then again, you are not like these walls.
You are kinder and you care.
You actually know which side of the seat I like most,
and how I sleep talk or “sleep type” sometimes.

I chuckle, and then sigh as I walk back inside
and these walls are still as cruel as before I met you.
I’m about to whisper to fate:
“Please make this stop, before I forget how to give love too.”
But I don’t, I can’t.
Cause you’re looking right at me
Smiling across the room.

And we both know, we finally understand
this is what home feels like.


Miracles are not always loud and close.

Not always mountains that crumble to the ground
or ships that sail with high winds against them.

No, no, no.

In all actuality, miracles are often found
sipping coffee in the background
as you scream and fight with your fate.

They are waiting for you to stop for a moment and look around.

And many a times, they come to you
but you are too large-eyed to look at something that seems so small.

Your belittling drives them away.

But friend, if only you knew how many miracles touched you
on just how many rainy days;

you would not have been feeling so alone.
There just was no way.

Somewhat poetic, somewhat random. Mostly just fragments from a coffee-driven brain. ^-^ Hope you liked it!


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Strange faces in an even stranger town!
You pull up your cloak to conceal your crown
This place is no shelter for people of wonder
If ever, they existed, they were pushed down under

How long have you lived in a land unknown?
Do you dream of stars, or do you call it home?
Do you hide your light to fit in to the dark
That surrounded you always, with only hints of sparks

But do you not know that it is your scintillation,
That has kept you pure amidst abominations?
Don’t you know this silent rebellion of yours,
Has kept the wounded from bleeding any more?

I am no angel but a chaser of light
Sometimes it withers, sometimes it is bright!
I am friends with your monsters, and you are with mine
And we shall transcend together to a land divine. 


A NEW POEM! (Finally)

This one is for the once in a lifetime kind of friends. They’re the best because they make you the best version of yourselves. :’) So Alhamdulillah for them.


When I tremble at the sound
Of thunder crackling all around

Or times when within me it pounds
And peace is nowhere to be found

You smile standing amidst the chaos
I look to you and take a pause
Your voice all of a sudden, draws
Me back, away from panic’s claws

You tell me of my dragon wings
That have fought against the strongest winds
You tell me of wondrous, beautiful things
And all the light my kindness brings

I watch with slowly calming breaths
One hand in yours, one over my chest
As water-coloured happiness
Conquers once more, my dull grey mess

So worry not, when dark descends
It’s purpose you can’t comprehend
For I will, love, beside you, stand
And be your light till December’s end

Countless times I’ve seen you prove
No thunder can deter us two
I swear, thus faith, I shan’t ever lose
In you for me, and me for you. 



Wrote this a while ago. Ignore the bad handwriting. The first line says “jaam-e-qalb-e-muztar”. Just so you know 😛 I feel like that is the most badly written. What can I say I tried haha. I hope you liked it, it was my first qata’a (nukton wala qaaf+ Touain+ A’ain) Wow look how badly I have failed at trying to sound cool with my qata’a writing :3

FOR PEOPLE WHO DO NOT UNDERSTAND URDU (And also for those who do):

I am really sorry I haven’t written a proper long post in so long. I actually am in the middle of a new “Dances With Insomnia” piece and it’s taking me some time, since Ramadan and all. But worry not, I am almost done and I am sure you will love it in sha Allah! It’s turning out pretty nicely. 🙂

Much love!


Heyy. I have an exam in less than 6 hours so naturally my brain decided to stay up writing a poem at 3 am. I really hope you like it :p Here it is:

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Amidst the fiery storm one day
I came upon a shadowing tree
Tired beneath it’s leaves I lay
And smelt a whiff of glee;

Wider it spread its arms
Each hour that passed underneath
Like a cloud from heaven, so all harm
Could do no wrong, and free I breathed;

It grew and grew around me, I
grew into it, and my own soul!
My tree and I, we bloomed entwined
Freed of our old selves of holes;

Its roots of wise serenity
Growing out from me, I found
And knew then why I knew no peace
Ever-chasing oceans down;

But wanderers shall wander and so have I
By fate, for more things to know
Everyday, though, knowing, I do smile
Soon I will find my way back home.


Heyy people. Below is a poem I wrote over two years ago. As I am busy with exams and heaps of books, papers and pens these days I thought to leave you with this. It’s a sad one though :3 To make up for that, I’ll tell you that I’m super happy and blessed these days Alhamdulillah. I’m growing. Sad never lasts. So don’t lose hope.
With no further blabber, to glorify the agony of doubt- I give you, “Painted Face”:


From the mirror on the wall, it stares back at me-
A pretty painted face for these strangers to see
A monster struggling to breakthrough from within
It must be put to sleep, to keep me from sin;

I have to turn away now, I’m frightened as can be
For my teary eyes scream, that, what shakes my beliefs
How long will I cry in empty rooms with closed doors?
Bruised by people and their thoughts; what is my existence for?

The pain, it stays, like a spear through my heart
Let us see if it eases as I turn it into words
And let me find the sane voice in my head that once ruled;
As a mind almost lost, makes the demons drool.