Throwback to about a year ago when I wrote this. It was one of those pieces that happen randomly in the middle of the night. I loved writing it. I hope you love reading it too! 🙂 Here is OCEAN“.

Painter: Luiza Turcan
Painter: Luiza Turcan

You seem like a wide ocean to me.
That rests, at times, as calm as can be.
Beautiful as the setting sun hides
behind you, or as the seagulls glide,
sky-high over…
I could look forever…

And the ship that passes creates,
mere ripples that die or the smallest waves.
And all interruptions are only sunk in.
Like the emotions you’ve long kept within.
Oh silent, hidden power,
I could look forever…

Other times though, it’s a different case.
You remind me of storms as your tides race.
Each wave it gushes, up and down,
screaming: “Oh world! Hear my sound!”
As you roar,
I could look forever…

And as I stand, shoulder-high drowned in,
the raging water, one could easily think:
“It would take her to places frightening and unknown!”
But your waves instead, only carry me home.
And now the tide gets lower,
I could look forever…

And I would.

First ever Urdu poem: “GUM”

If you want to know my thoughts about this, go here, because when I typed them together with it, it became a really long post, and I wanna keep this simple and raw. Enjoy. I will be eagerly waiting for any sort of constructive criticism and feedback. 🙂

Paharon ke neeche se aik rasta nikalta hai
Jata hai jaane kahan, waadi se guzar kar
Samait lo, chalo, jo hai ourhna bichona
Saath chalte hain apna chota sa wujood liye huay

Wahin waadi ki thandi goud mai basera kar lainge
Yahan shehr ki masnooiyat mai kia rakha hai
Faqat khokle log, unki khokli baatain
Aur dunya ko paane ki sulagti hawis

Zara socho kitna khaalis hoga wahan sukoon
Jahan bas hum honge, aur khuda ki khalkat
Apne haathon se banayen gai apna chota sa ghar
Eentt,upar eentt, saath paseena bahaate

Socho tou apni asliyat mai haseen honge hum
Muattar saansain, nange paoun, hawa se bikhre baal
Aur us par laparwah hansi, goya pooche
Akhir kahan chupa rakha tha, khud ko sab se ab tak?

Har shaam dekhain ge, sooraj ko ufaq par
Jaate jaate jab wo zameen ko bosa daiga
Aur chashme ke gaate paani se karainge wuzu
Phir jis khuda ka ehsan, uska lakhon shukar

Tou chalo wahan jahan koi humain jaanta na ho
Kia pata qismat nayi zaat hi ata kar de…

First ever Urdu poem: “GUM”- My thoughts

Hey you all! 🙂 I am really excited today because as the title says, I’m going to be posting my first ever Urdu poem. Now you know already that I write stuff and call it poetry, but it has always been in English. I’ve recently become really interested in Urdu literature and the language as a whole, even though I’m not really good at it, sadly.

The thing is, Urdu has this grace and elegance that I always thought I was not qualified or evolved enough to be able to understand and absorb, still am not, for that matter. It’s so rich and it has layers upon layers of emotion and wisdom, it’s really unlike anything I’ve ever known before. So hopefully, I will learn with time and get better at it, because I want to, desperately. If any of you can help, that would be great. 😉

So, this happened when I was telling my sister about how great and all Urdu is, and how I will never be able to write anything in Urdu. Suddenly, this line started ringing in my head, like it does when a poem is on it’s way. I was so beyond astonished and I wrote it down, and after that I finished the whole poem in like a day and a half. I’ve gotta say,all it felt like was purity. Seriously there’s no other word for the experience.

Okay so I think I’ve blabbered enough. I hope you enjoy the poem, and I hope that I haven’t done the language wrong. “Gum” means “lost”. Just so you know. 🙂

Here it is.

“HOLES” (Another poem)

Since you all seemed to like my previous poem, (thank you for that) here’s another that I wrote two mornings ago at around 5 am after I had spent the whole night without sleeping. I think we now know why I couldn’t sleep. It’s weird when you have a little idea tingling in the back of your head and it wants out, it pulls at you as if it were your child that wanted to buy candy. And in the end, you have to give in.

So this is me, giving in.

I hope you enjoy!

I grew up tall and sharp, but with holes in my heart,
Thought they would be filled, by people playing parts
That were given to them by destiny and fate…
I told myself to worry not, it wasn’t too late.

Two girls came walking by, I showed them my heart.
”Fill it up!”, I nicely said, ”Play your part!”
They smiled and held my hand, for months, ten plus eight.
But left me for some other friend, a new hole they had made.

Then a man came walking by, I showed him my heart.
”Fill it up now!”, I nicely said, ”Play your part!”
He looked at me, puzzled, asked me to wait.
But never came to get me, a new hole he had made.

So I sat, one day, cursing the holes in my heart.
How people’d just made more, by playing their parts.
I decided I’d had enough of false destiny and fate
And filled up, by my own self, the holes, and felt great.