“The stories in the sky”


The sky was dark blue like the bruises on my heart, but it was not scarred. Didn’t He ask us to look up and see if we could find any cracks in it?
And the sky was purple with shades of pink and I wonder if it’s alright to say I was reminded of blueberry ice cream but that’s irrelevant because the world turned and turned again, as we spoke.
And soon it was light blue, like the ocean that I witnessed. And it was only Al Mussawir (The Artist) that could create such a spectacular master piece where the highest sky and the lowest sea met and embraced each other as if one.
And then a tinge of orange, that was rising from the East. It spread slowly, inspiring the birds to start flying with it. And they sung the merriest songs and I, much like William Wordsworth, could not help but stop to listen and get lost in them.
And the sky was then yellow, like fire that eats up everything in its path; and so did the sunlight as it shone upon all that the eye could see.
And then the sky turned orange once more. But now it was sinking, like my hopes did and I was terrified of losing all the light that I had before.
And soon came the light blue, as I bid farewell to what I loved. We were warned that everything except Him has an ending, but we forgot Him and remembered everything else.
And the sky was purple again and again the pink streaks ran through it, reminding me to not believe in the absoluteness of anything I could see because my eye could be deceived very easily, if my heart lost track. “It is not the eyes that are blind, but the hearts”, He said.
And now I stood enveloped by an endless dark blue, and all I had was the pieces of my heart and an abyss to gaze into.
But then something twinkled. I saw a star, and then a hundred more. And I looked down and the world glowed. The tears in my eyes became diamonds, reflecting the light of the moon, reflecting the light of the sun, reflecting the light of my Lord.
And He smiles down at me, as the universe echoes, “Verily, with hardhsip comes ease.” He said He is with the patient ones, and now I see. My broken heart feels more complete than the one inside the chest of the man who has everything.
And to the quietness of the night, I carry this heart, with some blueberry ice cream and the feeling of waves touching my ankles. In the brilliance of constellations that tell me stories about how His mercy outweighs His wrath; I find myself, right in the middle of the embrace between the black sky and the black sea.
Now don’t you ever think that you’ve been left alone. He loves you too much for that.


I woke up. I was happy. I turned on my phone. My heart started to sink as I read about what had just happened. Never had I ever felt this amount of sadness and grief in my life.

Reports said:

148 killed, 132 of them school children, in a deadly attack on the Army Public School in the city of Peshawar.

As a Muslim and a Pakistani, I am writing this article to try and clarify a few misconceptions that have risen since this incident, and also to express my own feelings and I’m sure, the feelings of millions of others who were born into this struggling nation.

First and foremost, I would like to point out that unlike the portrayal by the international media, these children were NOT in fact killed for going to school. They were, instead, martyred for being the sons of The Pakistan Army’s soldiers, as retaliation for the operation “Zarb-e-Azb” launched in the North-Waziristan area, in January this year.

And now for a bigger statement.

We refuse to accept the people behind this as our own, may it be on a national, or a religious level.

Our country Pakistan does NOT teach it’s youth to even have a speck of admiration for these sick-minded cowards who use our name, and that of our beautiful religion, for such murderous and insanely inhuman activities. Our schools, our institutes spread the message of peace and teach students to have respect for everyone, as they make their own way into the world.

As for our religion, it completely forbids the killing of children and women, even the ones of the enemy, when a Muslim army is at war. Thus, I would like for you to know that these savages are not, cannot be, Muslims. They have already brought about so much hatred toward us, from those who do not know our religion, that it makes it almost impossible for, say, a Christian or a Buddhist, to be open to us when we defend our religion and say, “They are far from the teachings of our Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him), and those of our Qur’an.”

So if you feel that way, and if you’re reading PLEASE let a proud Muslim and Pakistani, tell you that they do not represent us, and we do not represent them, in any way.

My heart breaks, along with the hearts of billions of others, Pakistani and Non-Pakistani, Muslim and Non-Muslim, every time I think about the children aged 8-18 who were brutally murdered, or were compelled to see their friends and teachers being brutally murdered in front of their eyes. I, and my fellow Pakistanis thank you for your support, and request you to remember those in your prayers, whose homes have become a little more lonely now, by the absence of a small spark, that used to be their light in the darkness.

A message to the culprits;

We are not, and will not be, scared of your desperate attempts at making us back down. We know you aren’t Pakistanis or Muslims, but at least try to be human.

We will continue to love and fight for our nation and religion, even if they kill us or make us bleed whist we’re at it, like our little soldiers who lost their lives on the 16th of December. WE WANT PEACE. WE WILL ALWAYS WANT PEACE. We haven’t lost hope in Allah, and we haven’t lost hope in our army, we stand united now, more than ever. May Allah bless Pakistan. Insha Allah one day, we shall indeed, “Rise and Shine”.