“Home To Me”

So recently one of my closest people lost someone they loved a lot. This is for my best friend.


Dark room, smell of nothingness
The cold wind touches your face, the same way that love had once done

You’ve seen your light fade,
Take a deep breath
You can break down
Oh, you won’t regret

Everything you gave your heart to
left you broken on the side of the pavement
that you painted
with the colour of your love
And everything you had
is coming to its end;

But don’t you give up
don’t look down
not for a second, because

You have still got me
Right by your side
So when you’ve said your goodbyes
Baby, come home to me.

And when the sky is falling down
I’ll be your only cloud-
No promises of a perfect tomorrow-
But I’ll be holding you
safe from the sorrow

So baby, come home to me!

In the dead of the night,
Or when the stars start to shine,
Or when you can’t walk anymore,

Will you run home to me?

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This is the second poem in my life that I’ve written for someone else; usually my poems are about personal experience and feelings. But this human being has been extremely kind to me since the day he discovered my writing and I have learnt so much from him as a person and as a writer. To you, I know it feels impossible right now, but just you wait. Wait till I see you,


Take all the time in the world
We ain’t goin’ anywhere
I’ve seen you fall enough times before
To know in my very core
That you can learn to get up again
And soar
Through the sky
With all that you got, fly
And show us all how it’s done.
Oh you will be the one
They’ll tell their kids of.

And I will smile when they ask who this poem is for
I don’t know how tall you are
Or what you sound like when you laugh
But I know your soul
Believe it or not
Cause you won’t believe it, but I know
Your soul
I have seen it with all the darkness
Trust me we have all been there before

I wish I knew how to see you, and be you
When you told me I pulled you to light
Cause you light up my life
Even when yours is dark enough to drag you
down to, the ground
And it shakes beneath you
But don’t fall
For I am right here to give you
a hand and a prayer
I’ll be standing there
When you come back home.


A NEW POEM! (Finally)

This one is for the once in a lifetime kind of friends. They’re the best because they make you the best version of yourselves. :’) So Alhamdulillah for them.


When I tremble at the sound
Of thunder crackling all around

Or times when within me it pounds
And peace is nowhere to be found

You smile standing amidst the chaos
I look to you and take a pause
Your voice all of a sudden, draws
Me back, away from panic’s claws

You tell me of my dragon wings
That have fought against the strongest winds
You tell me of wondrous, beautiful things
And all the light my kindness brings

I watch with slowly calming breaths
One hand in yours, one over my chest
As water-coloured happiness
Conquers once more, my dull grey mess

So worry not, when dark descends
It’s purpose you can’t comprehend
For I will, love, beside you, stand
And be your light till December’s end

Countless times I’ve seen you prove
No thunder can deter us two
I swear, thus faith, I shan’t ever lose
In you for me, and me for you. 

“WONDROUS” (Part 3 and final)

heyyaaa loves. 😀 I know I’m too excited haha but my exams have finished and half of me feels like I CAN DO ANYTHING IN THE WORLD NOW! So I decided that the fact that I owe you all this, is more important than any other fun thing I might have on my mind. As this is the last part of “Wondrous”, I just want you to know that imagining this was one of the best feelings of my life and I hope that reading it proves to be one of yours. If not best, then, well, fairly delightful. 😛

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Here is the last bit of the previous part, to freshen up your memory:

So we just stay there side by side, and watch them, awe-struck. They swing to and fro and we yearn to touch them when they surround us, but we stay still so as to not scare them away. I give Harry a glance and smile- who knew that someone else, someone I was unlikely to ever even know of, being a different kind of species, for crying out loud, could adore the same thing I adored? Little by little, the fireflies move upwards forming a triangular shape, with their queen, I assume, at the very top and start to leave the cave through a half-foot large hole in the roof. After the last one of them is gone, I hear myself exhaling deeply, as if I had held my breath the whole time.


”Did you like it?” he asks.
”I loved it.” I say.
”Yeah me too.”
”It reminded me of stars you know. And this whole trip actually. The sea is truly as majestic as an endless starry sky.”

At that, he turned to me, all wide eyed and curious. ”Tell me more?”
”Wait, you mean to say that you’ve never seen the night sky?” I exclaim, of sorts.
”No. I live here. There’s no sky here. I’ve only ever been to the surface twice or thrice.”
”I have to show you then.” I announce, getting up, pulling him along.”Is there something else left to see here?”
”No, it’s time for you to be taken back I think. Let’s call the whale so it can carry you up…” There’s a strange detachment in his voice as he looks down and speaks softly.
”You know what? Why not you take me?” I am not going to leave without showing you the stars any way.”

It seems like he’s trying to understand if I’m joking or not. I shrug. He finally decides to believe me and says, ”Alright then. Come on!”, beaming.

And so we exit the cave, finding a few creatures outside, waiting for us. Harry tells the kind whale about our plan to go by ourselves. Fortunately she doesn’t seem to mind. I hug everyone goodbye, even the boulder (I have a tendency to like hugging inanimate objects), take a deep breath, and a fulfilling look around. I am trying to memorise as much of this feeling as I possibly can, to replay on rainy days. ”I’m ready.” I finally say.

”Do you want to swim without my help now?”, Harry asks, with a mischievous look.
”Yeah I’d like that. But we can’t really acheive that can we? I mean being stuck and all”, I reply.
”Are you sure?” Still the look lingers, now accompanied with a smile.
I shrug again, and he just pulls away. Just like that, leaving me open-mouthed.

”You KNEW how to do that!?”
”Yeah. It’s my body isn’t it? Of course I did.”
”Oh my god! You’re the worst you know that?” I laugh, shaking my head. He giggles too.

With that last wave of sudden bliss, only one of the many that I, and everybody, experiences with friends, we swim towards the surface. I’m thinking how much I will miss every part of this, as we hurry towards the dim light of the moon, penetrating the surface of the sea, reaching us looking like a portal to heaven. Sure we are going to see my other favourite thing in the world, and if I were to narrate that experience too- witnessing a newbie embracing the elegance of the sky, like he did with me and the sea- I am sure I will require another 10 pages, but I know I will never forget the last seven hours of my life, and will always be more than grateful, and more than eager to come back any time my life decides to be this wondrous again.