I held a little red brick
In my little kid arms
And I walked on, miles
till the sun came down.
And I did this for days
little labour it looked like
that a little kid bore
But I built a palace
like never seen before.
Then one night came spring
It knocked on the gate
I welcomed it in
But it left the next day.
And I glanced up at the tower
Where I’d lived so long
And what fell in my feet
Was a little red brick.
One by one
they tumbled down
And the walls of my palace,
like broken doors now.
To the gardens I ran,
only to find
that little red dewdrops
now covered the green.
Confused and disheartened,
I turned around
Glanced at my chest,
and pain I found
Flowing in the form
of a swift red river.

The “dewdrops” had not come from the sky
And the bricks had not fallen from the towers
But my castle had crumbled down
And my blood had washed it away;
Just little red bricks
In a swift red river;
Leading into an endless sea.

“For the unthought thought.”

One of the most fun parts of being a writer is finding old little pieces of writing that you’d completely forgotten about.
I was clearing out my bag tonight and found a small crumpled up notepad paper, on which I had written this about how I was in a state of restlessness, on the verge of getting a new thought, yet I could not capture what the new thought was. Here it is:


Come to me, will you? I have been waiting for a very long time.

Pacing up and down this woody floor and sandy shore. I have been running,

through water and the sky and the knowledge of my eyes. I have been asking,

the winds and the birds and the people with dim faces, looking up.

I have been soaring through the distance and travelling between worlds-

looking for you.

I have done everything and all that is in my power to meet you.

But you are the ignorant lover,
and I am your play toy.

You are the winter sunset,
and I am the blind man.

You are the largest soap bubble,
and I the eager child.

You are the sky,
and I am a flightless bird.

We both have perfect knowledge of each other’s existence; yet I just cannot reach you.

Perfectly capable of embracing the other, but you will just not let me.