My baby, he took a fall
Walked right on up
to the tight rope of
their lies

And maybe it’s new for you
But I’ve lived in this circus
for my whole life

I’ve danced on glass,
Have been cut in half,
Burnt my tongue trying to speak up, but

The look in your eyes
pulled me back to the light,
So when you’re taking the fall
you know exactly who to call

And I’d be right there!

I promise you,
After the fight dies down
and we’ve figured it out;
We’ll take this show, to the road

With a bunch of magic tricks,
the acrobats glide, fireworks in the sky,
and the archers
never miss.

Trust me, right now its the same old shit on a different day
but my baby and I,

We’ll stay.

Wrote this in literally 10-15 minutes when I was feeling a lot of feelings :p Hope you like! ❤


After the whole month of fasting and spiritual fulfilment that will hopefully last forever, EID is finally here. And I couldn’t be happier. 🙂

The first day is over and so far it has been going great. Let’s see what the remaining two days bring before holidays end and we go back to our normal not-so-fun lives :p

I wish all of you a very happy Eid. May Allah keep you and your family blessed! Ameen.