Wrote this a while ago. Ignore the bad handwriting. The first line says “jaam-e-qalb-e-muztar”. Just so you know 😛 I feel like that is the most badly written. What can I say I tried haha. I hope you liked it, it was my first qata’a (nukton wala qaaf+ Touain+ A’ain) Wow look how badly I have failed at trying to sound cool with my qata’a writing :3

FOR PEOPLE WHO DO NOT UNDERSTAND URDU (And also for those who do):

I am really sorry I haven’t written a proper long post in so long. I actually am in the middle of a new “Dances With Insomnia” piece and it’s taking me some time, since Ramadan and all. But worry not, I am almost done and I am sure you will love it in sha Allah! It’s turning out pretty nicely. 🙂

Much love!