Threads #28

And if you pretended to want the best for her,

you had every right to burn her from the inside-out.”

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In case you didn’t really like/enjoy/weren’t the happiest about my previous post, here’s a poem I wrote a while ago. Yes, I do love to put sentences together and call it poetry. I know I didn’t tell you before :O Lemme go add it to my random information about me section right away! Anyways. It’s called “Deception”. Here it goes:

I asked the sun: “Why do poets fall
for the white ol’ moon in the sky at all?
Why don’t they see the beauty of thee?
As the day puts you on, they hide and flee.”

Upon hearing this it turned its gaze down,
with a smile that changed into a frown.
“Humans are strange, they crave deceit;
Those minds were given to the wrong kind of meat.”

Here it paused for a moment, then again spoke:
“I am to the moon, what fire is to smoke!
It, pinned to the sky, reflects my might;
As smoke does for fire, when it flies high.

But men of folly, they always turn away
from lights, unbelievably bright, let’s say.
They worship the weak and mock the great;
Thus humans that shine, they also berate.

So a reflection they love, and over it they swoon!
Not I, who gives light to their selfish moon.” 

Hope you liked that! 🙂