I held a little red brick
In my little kid arms
And I walked on, miles
till the sun came down.
And I did this for days
little labour it looked like
that a little kid bore
But I built a palace
like never seen before.
Then one night came spring
It knocked on the gate
I welcomed it in
But it left the next day.
And I glanced up at the tower
Where I’d lived so long
And what fell in my feet
Was a little red brick.
One by one
they tumbled down
And the walls of my palace,
like broken doors now.
To the gardens I ran,
only to find
that little red dewdrops
now covered the green.
Confused and disheartened,
I turned around
Glanced at my chest,
and pain I found
Flowing in the form
of a swift red river.

The “dewdrops” had not come from the sky
And the bricks had not fallen from the towers
But my castle had crumbled down
And my blood had washed it away;
Just little red bricks
In a swift red river;
Leading into an endless sea.


Lying in the dark; lonesome as it is
As it has gotten
I wonder about pain and those who feel it
Myself and you
And the man in blue
Standing at the corner of the street

The street that has a hundred souls
Walking, talking, dwindling
But the man in blue he stands only one
Smiling, yet, wide

The blue of his clothes, it
Fades to grey
The light beams from his eyes
Come blurred by shy tears
He thinks of his deteriorating life
I walk to him.

He reveals the photo in his hand
Of his beautiful dead boy
Why do they smile?
Don’t they know they are suffering?

He says I would do the same

When in the worst of agony
Everything- becomes nothing
And I, an empty vessel.
With that, the photo, he puts inside
And walks away, smiling

But the smile, I perceive, is mechanical

And he, the empty vessel.
They do know they are suffering
After all…


A drawing found in an old asylum, made by a paranoid schizophrenic patient.

We lie, we pretend, and change shades of truth
We harm , we ruin, and destroy all we touch

But then,

We break, we fall and lose our ugly minds
We scream, we hide and cry our eyes out

So when,

We blame the monsters under our beds,
We are truly just blaming ourselves

Because the monsters don’t exist
Except inside us.