Paint it over your heart. (Threads #36)

Remember this moment,

No crown, no jewels, no pretty dresses
Just the smell of heaven in your breath
The rays of sunshine dancing on your skin
You bite your lip and smile
When was the last time you got to get shy?
Remember this, paint it
over your heart!

Because, darling,
No one
can take this away.

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Threads #35

I try to be the bigger man; and the men in my life keep getting smaller.

Their hearts have practically disappeared and I wonder, was doing the right thing, the right thing?

Threads #33

​There are some people we meet that are destined to make us failures. They’re part of our losses and pains.

But you? You’re part of my win. And I don’t mind if it takes me my whole life to get to that win, I will get there. Because when the universe does us favours, we don’t give them up. We don’t let go.

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