Hello there. Welcome to “Girl with the Green Book”. I’m Maria and I write. This blog is basically a collection of “noted notions” of mine- just ideas, thoughts, realizations and even plain fiction, put down on paper. I also write poetry, and will post many of my pieces here.

What is with the green book, you ask? A couple of years ago, I got a thick, green notebook from my dad,  and I started writing in it. I had been off-and-on writing since the age of around 8 or so, but a few entries into this book, it hit me that I was actually in love with writing more than I’d ever known, and so I decided to continue doing it for the rest of my life.

I guess I should tell you about myself now.

I was born in mid winter, on the 21st of December, maybe that’s why I’m always feeling cold. I get excited quite easily and am guilty of daydreaming frequently. I read all sorts of books, newspapers, articles, just about anything. I’m the third out of four siblings, so I know the “middle child” concept all too well ;). I love fireworks and lights at night. I also love the moon, sea and little kids. I think it’s wonderful to explore things and people. It’s one of my favourite pastimes, observation and exploration. I talk a lot. Like a lot. Like all the time. My favourite words are “wonderful” and”whimsical”, I’ve got absolutely no idea why. I love movies of all genres and kinds. I’ve always wanted to have a library like the one from Beast’s castle in “Beauty and the Beast” (Yes I love ALL of Disney’s EVERYTHING). I love the colour red, and cooking. I am still in doubt about whether I can sketch well or not. I own many, many key chains and I think weird people are the best.

That was long, wasn’t it? I hope you enjoy reading random information because otherwise, you must already be having second thoughts about being here. Let me end this now. Endings are hard. Umm, just thank you so much for coming here and reading all this. I would love for you to visit again.

If you’ve got any questions, suggestions or anything to say you’re very welcome to e-mail me at mariagwtgb@gmail.com


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      1. Yes it is, biggest adventure is diving into people and deciphering them 😀 Irrespective of whether you like the way they are or not. And mostly they are adorable. Humans are adorable.

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  1. So your friend found my friend’s blog and led me to yours. And, I am so happy she did.
    We share SO much in common, starting from our names and birth-month (Mine’s 22)! And getting excited on things, knowing the middle child concept, observations, nights, seas, etc. [Though the diary I got from mom dad when I was six, was grey.] :’)
    Loving your ‘threads’ so far, hoping to read more. Yours looks like a wonderful blog! ^-^

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    1. OMG OMG your name is Maria!!! I LOVE the fact that you came here and typed this comment, it made my day! 😀 Bless our friends 😛 Which friend btw?
      That’s awesome that we share all that especially birth months! And almost share dates too 😛 I love that you have what you have in common with me, it’s nice to know you! And pfftt My first diary was blue, it was more like a notepad, then I had a yellow diary for years can you believe that it was the weirdest shade! THEN came the green one. Now I also have a new green one ’cause the real one’s gonna finish soon and when I picked the name of the blog, I unknowingly signed an invisible contract to always have green diary or “book” to write.
      ANYWHO. Thank you for liking my threads! Hope you stay tuned for more work! 🙂

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      1. Hahah, yes. We almost share our birth dates too. It’s equally nice to know you, Maria. God. Same names. Eeep. AND our history on diaries. Maaan I have had the same childhood in this regard. Like whenever ammi would go shopping, she’d get a small notepad for me. It was on my bday that they got me the grey one, which was my first official THICK book. And I still have it, though in kind of a bad shape, with so many awkward memories. xD So I totally understand the thing! And have still got two new ones though I don’t currently know what for. 😀 What did you use the yellow one for?

        It was your friend ‘miss mysterious’ (she is wonderful!) who found Ghalia’s blog and mine. That’s velanedebeaute. :3

        I will surely read more. I mean, with all that Maria-ish stuff, I’d love to! 🙂 Stay awesome

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      2. Oh so you’re Ghalia’s friend. It was so nice meeting her too haha!
        Well a lot of things. The reason I keep calling it “book” and not diary is because it has never been restricted to only “Dear diary, so and so happened today. Actually now I’ve almost completely stopped these dear diary posts 😛 It’s more like drawings and sketches and scribbles and just random lists (I love making lists). The green one that I use these days is an evolved form of my yellow diary I’d say 😛 Cause now the lists are “Loves of my life”, “Lessons” and “Theories, etc. But han, addition of poems has been made. I didn’t write as much poetry when I was little as I do now. But the sketches and scribbles are still the same :’)
        And YEASSS best gifts are notebooks and candles. bas.
        I’m so glad you used “Maria-ish stuff” I am gonna throw this around so much now just you watch 😛
        You stay awesome too!


    1. I think its some wordpress problem. My brother and I have been trying to fix it. Nowadays many wordpress blogs are being blocked in Pakistan one by one I’ve heard quite a few people saying their wordpress was blocked. Lemme see what else I can do.


      1. Mixture of fantasy and reality, friendship and adventure, horror and humor, detective and mystery in short fiction. 🙂 Here are some I have read and enjoyed a lot 🙂
        Bridge to Terabithia
        The Secret of Crickley Hall
        Enchanted, Inc.
        The Alchemist
        Mummy Knew (kind of depressing)
        Kite Runner
        The Scarlet Letter (not bad, read it as a course book)
        And I still read Hardy boys from time to time 🙂
        Have you read any of these? What are your interests? In books I mean

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      2. i sadly haven’t read any f these 😛 I want to read the Alchemist, and I have watched Bridge to Terabithia movie. 🙂 I basically love writing that is unlike anything I’ve read before but somehow still intrigues me. I just love reading all sorts of books 😛

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      3. 🙂 Good for you.
        My passion for writing and reading go side by side.
        I just don’t like books which are based on history or are dry and dull. Pleasure reading should create pleasure right?

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      4. exactly, mine does too. I started reading out of course material as soon as I learnt to read properly in grade 1 or 2. I used to try and read those difficult words in my grandma’s newspaper haha 😛 and I started writing when i was about 7 or 8 so kinda the same age i started both.

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  2. It’s wonderful to know you and to visit your wonderful blog!
    Let me tell you We are also four siblings and my younger brother’s birth date is 21st of December as well! Turns out similarities.. :p
    Apart, it’s a very unique and amazing blog title: Girl with the green book.
    Stay blessed!

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    1. Hahaha if you have read the comments above you’ll know that this has been happening a lot with me lately 😛 I love ittt! And high five that little brother for me, will ya?
      Thank you!! I am so glad you like the name 🙂
      You stay blessed too!

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  3. Hi again. I’m happy that i found your blog. You’re a wonderful person and you have a wonderful blog Masha Allah. I like Disney movies too. 😛 and winters are love too. 🙂 The story of the green book is cool. I like your dad 🙂

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    1. Heyy. You’re very kind too! And when I get to stalk your blog fully then you’ll know how wonderful I think it is.
      That’s awesome that you like disney! High five!
      Well I used to dislike winters but this winter I began liking them haha my ill feelings were proven wrong (I love it when that happens)
      I’m happy you like my dad I like him too 😀

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      1. I think my dad doesn’t even know that I write. Maybe he does. So yeah that’s why I really like your dad 🙂

        There is nothing to dislike about winters 😐 but there is a lot to dislike about my blog lol. You’ll know.

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      2. 🙂 shukriya. Truly.
        Well I used to think they were cold and sad but this year they were not as cold and surprisingly very rewarding so yeah 😀
        And to that I say, YOU will know.

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      1. Haha wellll I’m really happy to know in that case that I did something nice which I don’t actually remember?
        But anyways don’t remind me
        It’s good to not remember good deeds sometimes. I’m just glad I did whatever it was that made you happy.
        You have too you know, so thank you!

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