I have had the absolute shittiest night possible and I couldn’t sleep with all of it in my head so here is my first and only draft of a new poem. Part 11 of The Purge Series;

“The Shooting Star”

For them it’s always just a game

I screamed for help but help never came

Falling down an endless rabbit hole

Not sure

What to share and what to hide

Might as well be dying tonight

The ashes are burning me out

And no one here to clear my doubts

Before they turn to crystal ice

And no one there to save my light

The night is long, but you are strong”

It screams, “All that is fucking wrong!”

And I have no choice but to believe

Cause everyone else has already left me

The brightest flame is a broken star

And it looks breathtaking from afar

But don’t you know the catch therein?

You see it

only after, it has reached

it’s irrevocable end.

9 thoughts on ““THE SHOOTING STAR”

  1. A powerful and evocative work.
    It’s a hard call to take ‘it’ on in battle when ‘it’ comes in uninvited, unwanted.
    Any other words I have may sound trite.
    This I will say ‘Understood’
    Roger (UK)

    Liked by 1 person

      1. My pleasure to read your work Maria
        Sometimes Life gets very tough, sometimes all we have is to just keep on keeping on.
        And we get to our own special ‘there’ in the end.
        Your writing shows you will.
        My best wishes for all of your days and nights ahead Maria.

        Liked by 1 person

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