“Just a Little More”

​You ask me why I don’t get angry?

It’s because I’ve watched my world burn

To ashes and smoke

Over and over and over again

And I’ve washed the blood trails

Of my wounds

Left on the flowers on my shirt

With my own hands

And I’ve lost my brother

To his hatred of another

And in any love they give

There is none left as mine

And I’ve loved those

Who broke me from up close

And yet I still love

With as fierce a love as any

That could survive being blown up

In landmines; maybe in this faded love

There is more strength

Than the love that allows free taking

As if divine

And with every passing year

I’ve paid for their sins

With my honour and shame, and

A streak of heartbreaks

And trust broken.


So don’t ask me why I don’t get angry

Because I am angry

Maybe just starting to be

Or maybe I’ve been

For a long time

But I have been hurt too

And moved

And awed

And loved

And celebrated

And pushed to the brink of survival

From where only my miracles could get me back

And how they did.

Oh, how they did!

So maybe I am burnt

And very much so,

But I am also reborn

My spirit, rekindled

And if my love can survive landmines

Then mere anger, holds no chance

I am going to try

Until it bends before me

And turns into determination

And fierce as it may be

It will be called mine.

And I’m going to hold on

“Just a little more”,

A thousand more times.

Hello everyone! I hadn’t written here in a long time because I think I was not brave enough to accept some things. I hope that this piece of spoken word poetry (arguably the most unapologetic kind of poetry) makes up for that. And I hope you liked it! 🙂

13 thoughts on ““Just a Little More”

  1. This was inspiring to read..
    Frankly I think the the only reason I don’t get angry is that life has already drained me so much that I don’t have enough stamina for anger anymore..

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  2. Something I know for sure this poem is something more than just words, it holds meaning; the reality. So inspiring it is Maria. Love will win, I know it will eventually!

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    1. Here you are again making my day with your comment haha ❤
      Thank you so much, jazakAllah khair.
      And in sha Allah it will, but in a way it already has.


  3. I think no matter how much words i will put for it, i won’t be able to appreciate enough. When i read such realistic write ups, i don’t know how, but i realize, somewhere we all are connected through feelings and pains. But, rarely we tend to understand others, because most of the time we are all about ourselves.

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  4. But I have been hurt too

    And moved

    And awed

    And loved

    And celebrated

    And pushed to the brink of survival,

    “This lines become my one of the favourites from now on. I love these the most, honestly. And, if you don’t mind, can i write them in my instagram captions?!?🙈”

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