Threads #32

No. You don’t get to be the only one that’s hurting. Not when I’m fighting things that I can’t even see. Not now.

Not ever.


13 thoughts on “Threads #32

      1. It’s just.. very relatable.
        And often this is exactly how I feel but I don’t say it out loud. But it really disappoints me. Such behaviour from someone when I’m the one that’s been struggling the most.

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      2. Well in my case I don’t think I struggle the most; this post wasn’t that black and white. The part that I relate to is the grey area where everyone has their own share of hurt, their own experiences of the same situation and how they aren’t alone in the hurting even when it feels like the other person doesn’t care.
        But this is not valid for all people so yeah. Your experience must’ve been different. I love this about words!

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