(Disclaimer: Not a traditional poem but I think it’s closer to the spoken word poetry category)


Decade, upon decade; I tell fate
Being loved by strangers catches me off guard,
Surprises me- “Is this what it is supposed to feel like?”
Is it really like they show in the movies?
Sisters, brothers, fathers and mothers
Is home really just people, who know and even care
about which side of the bed you like most.

Oh, I wouldn’t know, so don’t ask me how.
The only home that I have ever felt
lives outside of my house.
Out there, separated; from my blood.
Because on the genetic code map in these cells,
somehow, home was never marked.

I am sorry, dear home, for getting scared so easily
Not knowing where to go when you are not in my sights.
For I am still learning, how to receive all this love
that you so freely give me
As though I am actually as amazing as you say.

I try to hold on to the little amount these walls taught
Here, love was hiding and shutting up.
But then again, you are not like these walls.
You are kinder and you care.
You actually know which side of the seat I like most,
and how I sleep talk or “sleep type” sometimes.

I chuckle, and then sigh as I walk back inside
and these walls are still as cruel as before I met you.
I’m about to whisper to fate:
“Please make this stop, before I forget how to give love too.”
But I don’t, I can’t.
Cause you’re looking right at me
Smiling across the room.

And we both know, we finally understand
this is what home feels like.


18 thoughts on ““HOME”

    1. Hey I am sorry I took so long for this markazi khayal 😀

      It basically paints the situation ke someone who hasn’t been loved or hasn’t felt like home before; when they finally find one, find a home, there comes happiness and assurance but also a sense of fear and worry cause it’s hard to believe and accept that it’s yours now. So that’s about it. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. That was awesome! This is the sort of poetry style I write in, with the paragraph breaks, and line drops where commas would be. I was inspired to write that way by a spoken word artist on youtube (Shane Koyczan, who is awesome and super inspirational and I recommend checking his youtube out 100%), and I would definitely say that even though it’s only typed, I definitely falls under spoken word category.
    Anyway, you definitely have my follow!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Heyya! I’m so sorry I didn’t reply to this before, I feel so bad! I was busy with exams actually.
      Anyways, your comment was amazing and I’m really happy you liked what I wrote. I have heard of Shane but I think I have to revisit some of his poems to re member properly. And yes spoken word poetry has a charm unparalleled.
      Again thank you for stopping by and for the follow. Hope you like stuff in the future too! 🙂


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