Beautiful Things.

I promised myself I would post more, right after I wrote this which kinda explains why I was so lost for so much time. So I looked through the memos in my phone and found two small pieces that I think will make you happy. I hope you like them! 🙂

Here is the first:post-2

And the second, to make sure it ends in hope, always:



15 thoughts on “Beautiful Things.

  1. Woww this is so inspirational, you are going through a really tough time and you just want to escape or run away and then there is an answer to all your hardships motivating you to get up and strive again and eventually overcome all the problems

    Loved it to the core

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    1. yess I know the feeling of this. But these two posts were written months apart. I purposely posted them together just cause I wanted to haha :p I didn’t wanna send out sadness without hope I guess. Wow I talk a lot. Thank you for stopping by!

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