13 thoughts on “Threads #28

    1. Haha well. This was actually me sleep-talking. (Or sleep-typing??? O.o) I didn’t remember writing it until I saw it saved in my phone’s memos. 😀 I too had to read it multiple times to understand what I had written. And when it hit me I was like 😮 I was thankful for my sleep-talking habit.

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    2. Basically what it means is ke if a man in sort of a guardian position pretends publicly to “want the best for her” then no one questions anymore whatever the man does. So in fact they give him a right to burn her from the inside-out. Because he stays closest, inside-out was used. Like bahar se nahi andar se destroy kardeta hai usay. Excuse ye ke I’m doing this for her betterment.

      P.S. it doesn’t mean that only men are the zaalims, it can be anyone. And doesn’t mean ke women are the victims, it can be anyone. I just wrote it from my own perspective.

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      1. Yeah the society has given the person the right to do whatever he wants. But it felt so ajeeb ‘you had every right’. Yeah I get it now 🙂 Thank you.

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