Wrote this a while ago. Ignore the bad handwriting. The first line says “jaam-e-qalb-e-muztar”. Just so you know 😛 I feel like that is the most badly written. What can I say I tried haha. I hope you liked it, it was my first qata’a (nukton wala qaaf+ Touain+ A’ain) Wow look how badly I have failed at trying to sound cool with my qata’a writing :3

FOR PEOPLE WHO DO NOT UNDERSTAND URDU (And also for those who do):

I am really sorry I haven’t written a proper long post in so long. I actually am in the middle of a new “Dances With Insomnia” piece and it’s taking me some time, since Ramadan and all. But worry not, I am almost done and I am sure you will love it in sha Allah! It’s turning out pretty nicely. 🙂

Much love!

20 thoughts on “YA RABB!

      1. No I wasn’t. I think I just smiled 🙂 because mje samaj nahi aya sahi tarah. Yes my Urdu is not that good. And I liked how you tried to be cool 🙂

        They were. Childhood memories.

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      2. Haha I see. Well if you want I can explain it. I love explaining my writing to people even when they get it.
        Well kabhi kabhi try karne mai mazaa ata hai cause I know I ain’t ever becoming the “cool” type so I’m happy about that :p
        And yess. I will keep using these pens I’ve thought, even when I’m old.

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      3. Okay so my muztar heart yaani restless heart I’m comparing it to a chalice because of the way it’s empty and thirsty to be filled. Thus jam-e-qalb-e-muztar. So I’m asking Allah ta’ala to fill it up with one tear of shame ashk e nadamat that falls out of my eyes. Why I didn’t use words like ‘girya’ or something that indicates excessive crying is because I want that single tear to be so powerful ke mera poora dil us se bhar jaye. I hope you get it now. Ke the only way to fill up your pyaasa wujood is by turning to Allah with the most deep desire to be forgiven, you know, realizing that you’re a sinner.
        And then the next shair is ke meri rooh aik barren desert ke jaisi khaali hai and like nothing grows here. But then I’m asking Allah to make it fertile by making me one who accepts the fact that Allah is their master and they are Allah ta’ala’s slave and thus “iqrar e bandagi” like the acceptance of being عبد of Allah. Basically ye maan lena ke hum bande aur Tu khuda ye hai wo cheez jis je meri poori rooh fertile hosakti hai and beautiful ban sakti hai so I’m asking Allah to nourish my soul with this.
        All in all it’s a dua to make me someone who is utterly and completely dissolved and lost in Allah’s love and know in their very core that He is Allah and I’m just a human I’m not anything except that which He makes me.

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      4. You have no idea how much I liked the way you explained it. I really want to put it into words but then I also don’t want it to get awkward. So yeah. Keep rocking behen 🙂

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      5. Hahaha I know I know it’s fine 🙂 I try not to depend on compliments wese bhi. So it’s cool. I know that words ruin what we want to say at times. Thank you. And good day.

        And yayy didn’t I tell you I loved explaining! 😎

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  1. Funny how you say your writing is bad and I was just appreciating it how good it looks 😉
    Actually my urdu writing isn’t quite good. And I also make a lot of ‘imla’ mistakes so yeah.
    And nice words. Keep it up

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