Heyy. I have an exam in less than 6 hours so naturally my brain decided to stay up writing a poem at 3 am. I really hope you like it :p Here it is:

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Amidst the fiery storm one day
I came upon a shadowing tree
Tired beneath it’s leaves I lay
And smelt a whiff of glee;

Wider it spread its arms
Each hour that passed underneath
Like a cloud from heaven, so all harm
Could do no wrong, and free I breathed;

It grew and grew around me, I
grew into it, and my own soul!
My tree and I, we bloomed entwined
Freed of our old selves of holes;

Its roots of wise serenity
Growing out from me, I found
And knew then why I knew no peace
Ever-chasing oceans down;

But wanderers shall wander and so have I
By fate, for more things to know
Everyday, though, knowing, I do smile
Soon I will find my way back home.



    1. They certainly are not. As I said, the wandering is to fulfill the purpose of knowledge; and that never leads one astray.
      It was amazing alhamdulillah 🙂


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