Things watching death taught me.

1. If we knew the amount of time we had left with each person in our lives, all we would do is tell them we loved them, and show it. NOTHING else but  that.

2. Everytime we hug or kiss or shake hands with or make any kind of physical contact with anybody in our entire lives; we are actually touching their soul, not their body. I learnt this when I touched an actual body- held a cold dead hand.

3. The biggest regret is not giving your best self to people. You always end up wishing you knew then what you know now. So you could be with them, what you are now; and better.

4. It can be incredibly hard to sob over a death. Impossible even. And that’s okay. It does not mean you did not love the departed. In times like these, just pray. It’ll be okay.

5. There is always a threshold point in the life of the “dying-by-a-terminal-illness”. This is the point when they realize they’re actually quite sick and might not make it. Up until then, they refuse to accept the magnitude of their disease; or so they make it seem- which is not really a bad thing. But it is extremely painful to watch.

6. They really do see angels before their soul leaves their body. That’s how they know.

7. No words and no power can ease the pain and shock. Especially for the children and parents. Only time, by Allah’s help can diminish it. There will always be a hole in your heart from they once were.

8. Every time you achieve something, you’d wish they were still here.

9. Sometimes it would feel like they’re right above you somewhere in the stars, watching everything. They’d pay occassional visits to your dreams. And that would make you feel like you were chosen for their love from the heavens. Best feeling ever.

10. You will never stop loving them. Not one bit.

38 thoughts on “Things watching death taught me.

    1. Thank you so much Amara! I highly appreciate it. I had an extremely hectic weekend so I apologise for replying so late. It makes me really happy when you come and read my posts! 🙂


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