And do not delude yourself; that time flows through you. For in reality, you flow through time. The ocean is never dependent upon the travellers that pass through it. There were millions before you, and there will be millions after.

Time always was and always will be. You are the one born and you will be the one to die. Time has no end or beginning. You in fact are mortal. So do not equate your mortality with time’s immortality. And do not mistake the time period you are aware of by measurement, for eternity.

In this knowledge, you must learn to never surrender to the giant tide of time in front of you. If your boat has swam towards it, it will swim away; but not before time is done with you. So be patient.

And when you come upon a kind wave, do not walk with pride and think yourself to be lord of the sea. You might feel in control of your boat but even so you shall never challenge time’s might; he is the proud one so let him be.

Your place is among the needy. And they do not run out of humility in times of ease; and gratefulness in times of hardships.

And never forget that even time is God’s slave. So submit in love to God and He will love you. And when He loves you, time will love you. Only then, will you become the one time treats with care. In the words of Iqbal:


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