Heyy people. Below is a poem I wrote over two years ago. As I am busy with exams and heaps of books, papers and pens these days I thought to leave you with this. It’s a sad one though :3 To make up for that, I’ll tell you that I’m super happy and blessed these days Alhamdulillah. I’m growing. Sad never lasts. So don’t lose hope.
With no further blabber, to glorify the agony of doubt- I give you, “Painted Face”:


From the mirror on the wall, it stares back at me-
A pretty painted face for these strangers to see
A monster struggling to breakthrough from within
It must be put to sleep, to keep me from sin;

I have to turn away now, I’m frightened as can be
For my teary eyes scream, that, what shakes my beliefs
How long will I cry in empty rooms with closed doors?
Bruised by people and their thoughts; what is my existence for?

The pain, it stays, like a spear through my heart
Let us see if it eases as I turn it into words
And let me find the sane voice in my head that once ruled;
As a mind almost lost, makes the demons drool.


2 thoughts on ““PAINTED FACE”

  1. This is amazing 👍 .. The way you portrait through your words is commendable .. I’ll suggest you to commence novel writing too because your imagination is vast , beyond everything 💭 and I hope , actually m certain that you can do it .
    God bless you and keep on writing such amazing stuff .😙


    1. Haww thank you so much! :’)
      I do want to write a novel someday haha sure! :p I’ll notify you when it’s published sahi? Insha Allah I will keep writing, keep coming back to read!


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