Breathe in the night
Let the stars get drained into your chest
You shall not gain a more pleasant rest
Or a better delight;

And to be kind
Stronger than iron you must first be
Then gentle as clouds towards all you see
Dead or alive;

In testing times-
Let peace run through your gushing blood
For the wind never makes the river flood-
Patience, is sublime;

Gaze at the sky
And down into your heart to find God
Flow like water through rise and rot
Become the endless mind.

I have been thinking of this a lot lately. What makes a peaceful life, what makes a boundless mind? There is an ayah in the Holy Qur’an that says:

So be patient; with gracious patience.

And I think this is the most beautiful summary of all that we need to be, to enter a journey of becoming. So what is gracious patience? For this I would like to quote the magical Elif Shafak, who says, in “Forty Rules of Love”:
“Patience does not mean to passively endure.”

Truly, if you just shut yourself up like a box and suffer; you will never achieve happiness. Gracious patience is so much more. It is being silent, it is being grateful, it is being peaceful as a consequence of undying faith in The Almighty. It is being open. Like the empty cup from Buddhism. It is learning all that the universe is trying to teach you. You just have to listen silently. Pay attention. This is what this poem is about.

About becoming silent, and in turn eternal.


11 thoughts on ““SILENT AND ETERNAL”

      1. Haha yar. I’m not getting time to read at all. Bas after exams okay? O:) writing comes bursting out, it doesn’t let me have a say in the matter. That is the only reason I haven’t put it on hold even these days.

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