Dear old friend,

We finally meet once more. It has been good time since I last visited and you don’t look so well. Not to worry though because now that I am here I will take great care of you.

I see that you have had other guests in my absence who stayed for long. Even in moments when you did not want them one bit, they refused to leave. Despair, for instance; and fear. You actually seem surprised that they are not lurking in your corridors anymore. Perhaps that is the reason you welcomed me today as a long-forgotten acquaintance- all you have known is them. For months and months, everyday.

I am truly sorry, please understand, that I could not be with you earlier. Believe me I looked for you everywhere. I had lost my way but as Rumi puts it:

What you seek is seeking you.

And now I see that, love, you had lost yours too. I was wrong, I confess, in thinking that you did not want me because this whole time; the both of us were seeking the other with the same intensity and the same burning need to find our way back together.

What is gone is past so lose it in the distance. I am here now. Do not fret. Do not cry. And do not let me go, ever again.

Forever yours,


19 thoughts on “LETTER FROM AN OLD FRIEND.

      1. Lol I’m sorry if I’m annoying you with all these comments 🙂 I’m not feeling good(stomachache) and I’m just diverting my mind by reading your wonderful posts. (I think you haven’t noticed by now that I’m using the word ‘Wonderful’ too much)

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      2. Are you kidding? These posts are my life. And kind strangers reading them and telling me about them like old friends is beyond rewarding. It’s the best. Please don’t think you’re annoying me with this I’m having so much fun and it’s honestly nice to know you. 🙂
        Wait. Was that on purpose? WOW THAT IS AMAZING. This, my friend is a truly wonderful gesture. Am I correct to think that this has been a thing since you read a little piece of info in my about section? O:)

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