There are equal amounts of goodness and evil in the world; as well as inside us. There is no such thing as a good or a bad man because there exist within him, the same amount of tendencies for each. Then how does one define a person doing right or wrong things?

Human beings are fluid, they are evolutionary. Much like time, they never stop changing. So every single action we take is a conscious choice between what is good and what is evil, according to the divine rules that have existed since before mankind was even created. And thus, at every moment we have the power to be “good” or “bad” or change from one to another.

Also, the reason I particularly mentioned the divine rules here is because had I not, I would have been implying that every one of us without shame, does what he thinks is right and that would have led to a world full of self-righteous fools and I didn’t want to be one.


The post above is part of a new series I am starting, called “Dances With Insomnia”. I don’t think you know this but I have since the past year or two, become really interested in philosophy. Actually if you come to think of it, maybe philosophy was inside of me since the day I got my first conscious idea and I have just discovered it now? Okay never mind that. Basically this series is going to be composed of my philosophical theories- the ideas I have about human minds and hearts, and the nature of the universe.

Now these ideas or realizations, let me tell you, sometimes I reach in minutes, and sometimes, take me months of thinking. In either case, I find myself in a state of constant insomnia up until the case is “solved”. And not literal insomnia, but just this feeling of not being able to be calm. (That can surely lead to actual insomnia among other things. 😛 ) So to glorify the chaos that goes on in my head while in this state; I named this series “Dances With Insomnia”. 

I really hope you enjoy this part and the ones to come in this series. Cheers!


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