After having to take a personal grooming class at school the other day, I could not help but let my mind fill up with ideas that oppose the beliefs that I was being given. So I decided to write about it, like always 😉

She walked in with a whole set of pages containing lists of things we should be as parts of a society. The way we are supposed to dress, she was just reading out from pieces of paper. And the individualist that I have grown up to become, I could not stop every cell of my mind from screaming at me to do something against how wrong it was to just ask a class of 67 students, to become one person (appearance-wise). The exact, same person, as if we are not humans but clay models, created in the exact same mould.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all in when it comes to good behaviour like kindness and modesty towards others and I supported her talk about manners, but telling us what shade of colours our clothes are supposed to be, that was beyond me. How can we just allow the world to make a seemingly perfect image of a human being and then berate anyone who decides to defy it? I do not understand how we expect outer beauty to exist in the world in which everyone looks the same, when beauty is uniqueness itself.

She said (and I translate), “Do not live in the bubble that the way you look does not alter people’s perception of you, because it does, no matter how much you try to escape the fact. So it is better to just accept it.”

Yes! Definitely! And this is exactly why I want you to not follow that “perfect” apparent image because it will do nothing but conceal what makes you special. It will force you to look ordinary, and in turn, be perceived as ordinary. When clearly, you are not! When every single one of us has different kinds of greatness within, and the way we look is supposed to reflect how great and respectable we are; then why are we being asked to lie? To stop our outside appearance from portraying who we are inside? It will get us to be accepted, I can tell you that, but it will not get us to be celebrated. People are most easily intrigued by your mind when they see hints of it on your body. People are most easily interested in your soul when they see you wearing it.

In simpler words, If Ahmad starts looking like Ali, while still being Ahmad, then both Ahmad and Ali’s inner personalities will lose their validity. It will be difficult for an on-looker to see them as two different people with two different sets of ideas, desires, fears and intellectual levels. Consequently, the on-looker will give up and start to focus more on the man who just walked in wearing a frankly alarming shade of red as his shirt, paired with white pants.

Now that I have laid down my arguments, I truly hope that you will stop degrading yourself and other people who choose to appear as they truly are, knowingly going against the norm, not afraid of being called undesirable. Because you see, there is no such thing. It is only a term coined by cowards who are afraid of their own selves and so choose to hide behind the walls of false outer perfection. And remember the next time someone calls your favourite shirt ugly or favourite hair gel gross, that just because they don’t like it, doesn’t mean it is not good.

Simply, appear the way that most accurately describes your mind, and eminence will follow.

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