In response to a prompt, here is a two-line story that is 100% true and still irritates me to a certain extent, yet makes me laugh at myself at times and how we meet different kinds of people over the course of our lives. Enjoy 😛

Source: Pinterest

You convinced me you were dead
And now we do not talk any more.

2 thoughts on “What?!

  1. I’m not sure if I should have found this funny or not(I did, I admit I laughed) As a true story it sounds like the kind of thing that you definitely wouldn’t laugh at. But the delivery of the two line story has many ways it could be interpreted.

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    1. haha it’s okay that you did! I laugh at this too now as I mentioned. The thing is when it was happening to me I would never have laughed but now it is mostly funny and only a bit creepy or disturbing.
      And definitely I think every story has different interpretations, every piece of literature actually.
      I’m glad you stopped by! Come again soon! 🙂

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