3 DAYS 3 QUOTES challenge-3

DAY 3(ish)

Hi. I am sorry I got wrapped up in a family emergency and so I couldn’t post the quotes for the last day, yesterday. Here they are., one day later. Also the rules require me to nominate 9 other people (3 for each day) to take this challenge so I will be nominating some cool fellas at the end of this post stay tuned 🙂

typo alert: stuck* out teeth

And as usual todays’s bonus quote that I had to include because of my love for excessive usage of words (Otherwise known as talking a lot) that made me unable to follow the rules 🙂

And now for the nominations:

Note that the rules are:
Thanks the person who nominated you. (But you do not have to like who even made this rule!!)
Post 3 quotes each day for 3 days.
Each day nominate 3 bloggers to take part.

Tinkerer Of Words



Princess Kick Ass

Boy With A Hat


My Whispering Heartbeats

Jeyna Grace

With All My Affection

I hope you liked this whole challenge. And I am looking forward to publishing a normal piece of writing soon 🙂 Cheerio!


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