3 DAYS 3 QUOTES challenge


Heya! I have been nominated by a fellow writer Akhiz for a “3 days 3 quotes” challenge. Thank you Akhiz, I honestly found this really fun 🙂 The rules are simple. You’ve got to post 3 quotes for 3 consecutive days. But if you know me even one bit, if there’s one thing I hate enjoy least is narrowing down things I love. So naturally, when I went on the hunt for quotes from all my favourite authors/people/websites, I ended up with around 20. -_-

With a heavy heart and trembling hands, I pressed “delete” over and over until I could go no more. And you know what? I still had 12 left instead of the required 9. And because there is no possible way for me to choose favourites all over again, you’re going to have one bonus quote each day (yay!? hopefully.)

Here are my first three:

And the bonus:

Hope you enjoyed reading some of my all-time favourite quotes. I would love for you to tell me yours! 🙂


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