I was confused about what to write so I visited The Daily Post’s Prompts. 

Found an interesting one. It said:

Write an entire post without using any three-letter words.

But I mixed it up a bit and decided to write each line with words containing a certain number of letters. For example my line 1 contains 3 letter words; line 2, 4 letter words; line 3, 5 letter words. Then 6 and 7 and then in descending order, I come back one by one with finally, the last line containing again, 3 letter words. (Except for the articles a, an and the; and the word to in the last line) It ended up being a story of murder and revenge, OF COURSE it did! 😛 I hope you enjoy and I hope next time I’m mixing up letters and wor.ds, I come up with something that shows improvement. 🙂

Jaq and Joe dig a pit

Then push a body down.

Cover their track using a muddy cloth, their

secret corpse hidden deeply.

Already content, already alright, despite the unknown:

“Verity defies the stated”. A missed viewer

gazes right where their crime

lies. Jane, then digs

a pit for Jaq and Joe to pay.


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