Hello world!! I am very excited today, because I finally penned down a remotely nice piece of poetry after ages! 😀 I hope you like it. Do not forget to enjoy and share! Until next time! 🙂


If the wind could speak, would it tell me of you?
How in the morning you wondered what I was up to
Would it talk of your squinted eyes against the tiring noon
and of your dreams tonight as the clock will strike 2?

If the wind could speak, would it whisper of me?
Laugh, as you listen close, about my naivety
Would it tell you I spend nights awake till half past three
reminiscing about what was, and what I thought could be.

I know not what tales it would tell, if it were to ever try
But one of them for certain, would not be a lie:
“She sat down with a plan for a poem about I,
But until she wrote for you, the words won’t stand by.”

13 thoughts on ““WIND”

  1. Hi ^.^ Maria 😛
    Yes… finally a poem,don’t get me wrong your threads were ahmazing in there own special way. *.*
    Nicely done! A nice choice of pic as well. 😀

    Btw does the word /reminiscing/ remind you of something? 😛

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Welcome (:
        And….the scene,place,people? 😛 No wait I think I the time when Im talking about it is when I learned it XD

        Liked by 1 person

    1. ahem sorry to interfere but oye dragger I am so deeply sorry for not coming on xpc..It wasn’t coming for the beginning week or so or us ke baad my laziness took over. I miss ya, you potato. 😦


      1. I was going to give you a lecture and make you feel guilty a few days ago 😛 but change in plans.
        I know you’d be busy in the place you are. 😀 Laziness rules most of our hearts. XD

        I miss you to! Oh I remember you said when you see a potato you’ll remember my face XD I thank the potato for this message. 😛

        Btw does the word /reminiscing/ remind you of something? 😛 like some scene :3


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