Threads #11

!آسان مت سمجھ بیٹھنا

،خدا سے عشق 
،انسان سے محبت
اور اپنے آپ سے بیگانیت
کی انتہاوں پر

،ملتا ہے وہ شخص 
جسے آپ چاہتے ہیں۔


11 thoughts on “Threads #11

    1. Hehe, I see, I see.
      I don’t think I can tell you that. Inspiration cannot be defined. Part of the reason something inspires you is because it comes as a surprise. So I do not know what does and what will inspire me. But I do believe in keeping my eyes open to the ordinary things the world has to offer, and find beauty in them. That’s always inspiring. 🙂


      1. OMG thats just umm…weird I also did want to ask YOUR definition of inspiration 😀
        I got it! ( ;


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