Threads #9

Aisa kaise hota hai, ke jab koi cheez kabhi apko mili hi nahi, tab bhi apko apne andar uski shiddat se kami mehsoos hoti hai?

Translation: How does it happen, that even when something was never yours, you still feel it’s absence inside of you?


13 thoughts on “Threads #9

    1. Yes. And it isn’t necessarily something external, like a human being or a certain circumstance. It can even be something inside us. We look for something inside us that may make us feel complete. Honestly, hum aone ap mai hi itne vast hain, hum insan, jitni dunya ho. Ya shayad us se bhi ziada. Tou the search within one’s own self feels the same as searching for some external thing would, don’tcha think?

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      1. yes the problem with humns is and which sets them apart from others is that they are never satisfied, they think that they will fullfilled with one thing but after getting it they are again where they were before seeking another and the circle goes on and on. Peace, solace thts what we seek and think that after acquiring these things we will get it, look at jogis and sufis, thy go out in jungles , deserts searching that true thing inside them that completes one.

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      2. Yea. But then again this is what sets us apart from all other creatures you know. So I don’t despise it much, even though it is frustrating at times. This desire and curiosity for something more that might exist can be very useful at times. Inventions, philosphy, literature, ye sab isi curiosity ki waja se tou mila hai humain.
        Another thing is that obviously one can never have everything perfect but sometimes when we are lucky enough, we end up having some thought or realization, or something physical like family and stuff, that is just enough to satisfy us, despite the odds we do have in our lives. I hope I’m not too confusing 😛

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