“WONDROUS” (Part 2)

Below is the second part of an imaginative narration/story that I wrote a while ago, and wanted you to see. I know I posted part 1 like 20 days ago and that’s a lot of waiting between two parts, I apologise for it 😛 But you should know that the next (last) part will come after 20 days too. I have exams starting THIS TUESDAY. Any ways. Just wanted to post this for you amazing people. Enjoy. 🙂
If you want to read all of the previous part, go here, otherwise, here is the last bit, to freshen up your memory 😛

”You say you have never been here before?” An unfamiliar voice asks.
I turn around and see a squid, as blue as the evening sky, with a pattern of red and yellow dots all over his body, and my jaw drops open at the 2 metre long creature’s grace as he stands there; I’m so lost that I almost forget to answer his question.


”Umm yes. I mean no, I haven’t”. My voice is sort of trembling for some reason, maybe I’m suddenly terrified, but I relax a bit after he reaches out to shake my hand with his tentacle.

”Pleasure to make your acquaintance then! The name’s Harry.”
”Nice to meet you too, Harry, I’m Maria.”
”Are you sure that’s your real name?”
”Why would it not be?”
”Hmm. Come along then, we’ve got much to see.”

With that, he starts swimming swiftly and I realize that I’m swimming too, as my hand is still stuck to his tentacle. I don’t try to pull away though, because I don’t want to get lost in the vastness of the ocean.
We swim far and wide, and I don’t even realize how many miles we have left behind us, as I’m too mesmerised the whole time by the hundreds of large, little, soft, spiky, coloured and transparent creatures and plants that surround our path. Harry, from time to time, tells me about many of them, and I listen, with all my attention because I do not want to miss a single word of this. I actually am holding the tentacle now, despite having not just my hand any more but my whole arm stuck to it (long story we bumped into a school of jellyfish on the way and I was trying not to be electrocuted so we had to swim really close, really stealthily). It feels like a new, amazing friendship with the coolest squid in town and surprisingly, I’m not even frightened of the sharks when we pass by them, as long as this being is there to swim me through.

After what seems like hours, we arrive at a large mountain of sorts, and I see a narrow opening at it’s front. Harry motions at me to help him remove a boulder that’s blocking our way in. ”What is this place?” I ask him. ”You’ll see, just trust me,” he says without looking. I am really curious about what the cave holds inside, so I dart in, as soon as we’ve moved the boulder. ”It’s too dark to see anything,” I exclaim and Harry, instead of listening, just shuts the opening again. Confused, I look around and suddenly spot a little light floating in the corner. A second later, I see another one light up beside it, and then another. ”What are those?” I ask Harry in a low voice. ”Shush. Just watch,” he replies with a whisper. Apparently these pretty little things aren’t too fond of light and noise. So I shut my mouth and lend my eyes back to the corner and I’m astonished to see that instead of just three, there are now around a hundred of these lights, all arranged in beautifully imbalanced patterns, as if a light show were going on.

”What’s that word? Yes, ‘fireflies’ of the ocean. My personal favourites,” Harry finally explains.
I cover my mouth with my fingers just in time, as a gasp escapes leaving behind the widest smile I can muster. Is it a co-incidence that I happen to be in love with real fireflies from woods and forests? I don’t know. But I cannot even begin to tell you how attractive they are, dancing in front of us, yet unaware of our presence.

So we just stay there side by side, and watch them, awe-struck. They swing to and fro and we yearn to touch them when they surround us, but we stay still so as to not scare them away. I give Harry a glance and smile- who knew that someone else, someone I was unlikely to ever even know of, being a different kind of species, for crying out loud, could adore the same thing I adored? Little by little, the fireflies move upwards forming a triangular shape, with their queen, I assume, at the very top and start to leave the cave through a half-foot large hole in the roof. After the last one of them is gone, I hear myself exhaling deeply, as if I had held my breath the whole time.


15 thoughts on ““WONDROUS” (Part 2)

    1. Hahaha yes yes he is. Thank you very much. And no I haven’t really. Just one.
      Umm I have been obsessed with the little mermaid since I watched it the first time. In total I think I’ve watched it like at least 20 times. I really really like the ocean though and all the trips I have taken to the sea have been the best days of my life. So yeah. The mermaid movie and the sea itself made this happen. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Youre welcome 🙂 You should watch more.

        I’ve never been to a beach or sea. I’ve heard that it feels really good. I wish I do someday. And 20 times? 😮 wow.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. haha well I donno if any other underwater cartoon movie can match the level they set for me with The Little Mermaid. If you have any suggestions I’d love to know.
        and no no, AT LEAST 20 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Not really 😛 finding nemo was one I watched. I like the new animated movies. Minnions are love. So is Olaf. The character in Frozen. Hotel trransvylania was also good.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. I’ve watched all of these I feel proud of myself.
        Wait I haven’t watched Minions even though I’ve seen both parts of Despicable Me :O I must, soon!
        But the rest of ’em I love too. And finding nemo is enchanting!

        Liked by 1 person

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