Below is a post that I do not know what to call, as it is not a poem, or any form of literature that I know of. Bad times these days so I’m sorry I couldn’t write anything to make you happy. (“Wondrous” part 2 will come soon though, so don’tcha worry. 🙂 ) I just poured all my troublesome thoughts in one post and called it a day. We all do things like these sometimes don’t we? This is me being honest, from a point of utter loneliness and anxiety. I hope I make it through soon, God knows I’m trying my best. I hope this post helps me, and maybe helps someone else out there who feels the same, in feeling less alone. Get it? 😛 Confusing, I know haha! But maybe if I help the world a little, I’ll find peace easier. Love always! Hope you have a wonderful day. ❤

Hear! Madness is not far behind us!
I noticed its shadow lingering last night;
as I slipped into my seemingly safe bed.
I was not safe at all.

Hear! Doubts are eating us up!
I caught them with their greedy eyes;
piercing right through my body.
I was not sure at all.

What have we come to, my love?
We were set for the blue sky!
We were lit up fireflies!
We were pleasing laughter.

Now reduced to rotting piles of mud:
Obsessed with discovering ourselves;
looking for God while bathing in sins;
looking for love in lifeless screens.

We plea, save us now!
We have forgotten how to do it ourselves.
I have forgotten how to rise up and fly.
I want to grow wings again.

I am waiting for rescue,
will you be it for me?
Or will I be it for myself, like always?
I am waiting for happiness.

At least my hope still flares.

8 thoughts on “HONEST, FOR ONCE.

  1. I seriously had no words to explain how amazing this was and since I can’t leave a blank comment XD
    I thought I should just let it be .I’ve red this like twice maybe.
    I mean it was…. no (complete)paras or full sentences ….or a poem….or an article….or a song 😛
    BUT i was something much much more :’)
    The words luv ya back ❤ because you out em up so nicely!


  2. Dont wait for the rescue. Help yourself. It is only you who can change your life.

    Btw the category was anxiety so yeah I wanted to say that anxiety really sucks. Especially the vibrations part.

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    1. You know what? I already have. You have no idea how amazing it feels to be on the other side and look back to realize that the loneliness that ate me up while fighting the monsters is my pride now. It is what has made me realize how I don’t need anyone but Allah. It is why I’ve discovered Allah and through that, myself. It’s amazing Alhamdulillah.

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