Hello wonderful people! Below is a poem that was originally written in July, back in 2013. YES, TWO YEARS AGO AAH! (<lame excitement) So anyhow, I had written it to inspire myself, and it had felt very personal back then. But a lot of people have related to it since then and I have freely given it to them, like a gift. So today I want to give it to you too. May it help you in your bad times. 🙂 Don’t forget to give feedback!

When everywhere you look, you find sick, dark shadows
Even in the whitest minds, black scorpions dwell
When passed have those times that you flew over the meadows
And beautiful fresh flowers you can no longer smell

When in the midst you stand alone, unsure of who you are
You question yourself who to trust and wonder what to be
Just spread your wings wide and touch the stars
Light up your torch bright, make the shadows flee

Be the glowing firefly that glides through the night
Leave all your fears behind, be brave and be strong
Chasing the distant dawn you see, fly with all your might
In time you will find, some others too, will sing your song along

And in your way if you meet a lost soul or two
Be a torch of hope for them and show them the right way
For every heart you save will bring, with love, to you
Gifts and sweet memories that will never fade away…


7 thoughts on “FIREFLY

  1. I want to see a FIREFLY *o*
    Btw nice poem
    “Gifts and sweet memories that will never fade away…” is so positive ❤


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