I was watching T.V. while trying to study for my exams coming up in May, and of course the perfect time for something to hit you is while you’re studying. So while I was absentmindedly watching a few scenes from a movie, I started thinking about famous people. As in celebrities.

Generally, most of them spend their childhoods dreaming about the life that they want. Bright lights, camera flashes, screaming fans all around. Then they grow up and actually start the struggle. They realize that getting their “big break” is neither as easy, nor as dignifying as they thought it would be. Sometimes they get their hands dirty in the process. The sad truth strikes that the dreams their little minds had woven all those years ago, are far away and blurry. They keep trying, yes, just with more shaken beliefs.

Then it happens.

All of a sudden, they wake up and you know what they see? Bright lights, camera flashes and screaming fans all around. It all seems magical. Until they’re met with the other “perks” of the job. Now I cannot list all of them here, because I don’t know all of them. You see, I’m not famous or anything. At least as of now I’m not. But obviously we all know how it’s so easy for a star to be surrounded by filthy dishonesty, maddening attention and loneliness that eats them up.

They used to think being famous would mean being known by millions of people, now they understand that it actually is being known by only a handful, but being judged by millions. Every part of their body, every word that comes out of their mouths, every way their hands move, is discussed and passed verdicts upon.

They used to think they’ll never be alone with all the popularity, just like those A-Class rich kids at school. It was going to be bathing in glitter and glamour all day, signing contract after contract like they own the world. But no. It was isolation. Damn, it turned out different. First, they don’t even meet genuine, normal people anymore, people who they can trust easily. And even when they do, it is interrupted, before it even starts to strum the chords of their hearts. You talked about owning the world, they’re snatched away like they don’t even own themselves anymore.

Now I imagine there are some lucky ones among them too- with lives not as difficult. There must be, right?

Several times, however, most of them just feel like taking the glitter off. When they’re crying alone on the bathroom floor, when they want to scream their throats out, when they’re treated like objects that can be won by money and games- trust me they want to just rub all of it off.

They even try, but fail. They remember how they used to throw glitter at their friends and laugh, back when they were children. Now they know, more than ever, that

glitter always sticks.

And I feel sorry for every famous man or woman that I’ve loved.


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