Throwback to about a year ago when I wrote this. It was one of those pieces that happen randomly in the middle of the night. I loved writing it. I hope you love reading it too! 🙂 Here is OCEAN“.

Painter: Luiza Turcan
Painter: Luiza Turcan

You seem like a wide ocean to me.
That rests, at times, as calm as can be.
Beautiful as the setting sun hides
behind you, or as the seagulls glide,
sky-high over…
I could look forever…

And the ship that passes creates,
mere ripples that die or the smallest waves.
And all interruptions are only sunk in.
Like the emotions you’ve long kept within.
Oh silent, hidden power,
I could look forever…

Other times though, it’s a different case.
You remind me of storms as your tides race.
Each wave it gushes, up and down,
screaming: “Oh world! Hear my sound!”
As you roar,
I could look forever…

And as I stand, shoulder-high drowned in,
the raging water, one could easily think:
“It would take her to places frightening and unknown!”
But your waves instead, only carry me home.
And now the tide gets lower,
I could look forever…

And I would.


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