I’m really sorry that I’ve been inactive lately. I’ve been really busy with my family and all. I hope I can make up for it with this free verse poem I wrote around 7 months ago. I’d love for you to read and give your feedback. And I’ll also try to do my best at writing more. See you soon!

Questions asked, questions born
Hundreds of these foul creatures crawl
One climbs up the ear and onto the brain;
Sits there and itches, then gives birth to more
Slowly but painfully, they start to rule
the head of one who is now a madman 
Now he runs and he searches
Looks under rocks and inside caves 
Breaks egg shells open and digs up the ground
Dives into the sea in hopes of being carried 
to the island of answers, God knows where 
on a journey of chance, destination unknown… 
A little question can be such a menace
The madman cannot kill it;
Neither can you or I, it’s only his 
So he still rides the waves, never stops.
Though I wish he learns to trust time with it all
May he let go, and sleep in peace tonight… 


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