So this is something old that I wrote but never finished, until now. Hope you like it!

I took a trip today to a neighboring city with my family after a long time. It made me realize something quite nice. It reminded me that I actually like life and being alive. I like observing other humans and their each movement. The faces they make, the way they speak. This is quite usual for someone who writes, just randomly falling in love with or randomly starting to despise something. And it was not the latter for me this time, thank God.

Basically, I like looking at little kids smiling, waving at me as I smile back. The almost-1 year olds who have just learnt to walk, they look adorable wearing multi-colored shoes that light up on their every step as they try to balance their little weight on those fat legs. Little do they know about all the of steps they’ve yet to take in their lives. I like when they pull at their parents’ clothes begging them to buy candy, thumping the glass container of gum balls so hard, I’m afraid it’d break. I like that twinkle in their eyes, why does it go away when they get older? I like their uncontrollable laughter, and their honesty, sometimes I even desire kids didn’t grow up.

I also like the two sisters with high heels and huge shades and chic style, because I’m the exact opposite. Don’t worry, I don’t mind. I’ll never want to be like them and that’s what fascinates me- the diversity of characteristics and habits in humans.

I like all of this. I like how the sun becomes orange just before it sets. I like how the sea changes colour with time. I absolutely, completely, madly love the waves. I could stay right there for hours with the waves slapping my legs playfully, as they come forward then go back, over and over again. And I love the sound they make as if trying to make the world feel their existence, their power and their grace as they sing their song. I love the sea and I love imagining the billions of lives that lie undisturbed within. I wonder and fantasize that mermaids exist, or maybe some completely other species that we don’t even have the power to imagine.

And I end up thinking, maybe this is why the universe was created the way it was; so that we could always have something or the other waiting to be discovered, waiting to be admired. Maybe the secrets we know of it, are only 20% of what it really wants to show us. Maybe we are yet to find millions of other incredible gifts that it has for us! Who knows?

Still, even with all of these questions unanswered, I think I know one thing for sure.

If you love the universe, and show it fearlessly, it won’t be shy showing you its love right back.


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