It’s really, really frustrating when you know you need to write to keep your wordy wheels running, but you feel like you don’t even have a speck of creativity. Thankfully, I found something to get over that feeling:

Writing Prompts!! Right from Writers write’s facebook page. I’ve titled this post “EXPERIMENTS #1” because who knows I’ll probably be having more days like this and because I over-organize, I had to number it.. Anyhow, today’s prompt said:

Write about the sound, colour and smell of loneliness.

If loneliness were a sound, I can tell you it would be of a ticking clock. Haven’t you noticed how it is the only sound that emphasizes silence? It is just this constant audible reminder of the fact that you are being abandoned by every passing moment, and every possible thing that could’ve touched you in that moment, or maybe even did. “Alone, alone, alone!” it screams, just like our lovely loneliness does.

If loneliness were a colour, I can tell you it would be grey. Haven’t you noticed how it makes it look like the whole world had been toned down somehow? if you could draw loneliness, depict it, wouldn’t you too, put your hands on grey, before anything else? The poor colour itself is so dull and alone! Look at black, it stands for something. Red, it stands for something. Grey? Grey just sits in the corner and waits for you.

If loneliness were a smell, I can tell you it would be of a dying plant. Haven’t you ever smelt those brown branches of a plant that is about to just give up? Have you noticed how even if you decide, against all odds to go near it, the smell repels you immediately. It is entirely up to you to either run off, and go back to your merry making, or stay in spite of the smell to take care of it till its flowers bloom again. Doesn’t that remind you of a lonely person that you know?

Phew! Mission accomplished! Tell me what you think! 😀



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