Originally written on the 18th of March, 2014, in the green book.

Would you stay?

Would you stay? Please tell me the truth!

When I fall to the ground and break into pieces like fine glass does, all scattered, would you search for me in all my hiding places that you know of? When all you see, when you look at me, are scars and disgusting wounds that bleed dark red and then turn the ugliest shade of blue; When I can’t give anything back to you. When I’m unable to act like a merry lark that sings on a tree with the sun shining bright in it’s face. Oh love, when picking my pieces up and trying to glue them back together hurts you, would you still want to fix me? When tears run down my face and happiness is hard to remember and I tremble, would you hold me till I stop being so sad? Would you stay?

Would you stay?

Because I will, for you. I will always try to make you okay. I will clean your wounds and cover them, over and over. And if I run out of band aids, I’ll use my own skin.

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