Let’s talk a bit about wishes. In my head, this is what making a wish vaguely looks like: (sorry not sorry)

Now, why I’m writing about this particular act is because everywhere I go, inside this imaginary world that we call the internet, I see “New Year Resolutions”. And these lists, are more or less, wishes.

This is my mind summing “wishes” up in one line:

Wishes are strange, aren’t they? Just small little fragments of a time one desires to live in.

To be honest with you, I have spent a lot of time making wishes. Every 11:11, full moon, fallen eyelash, just about every time I hear the phrase “make a wish”, a little part of me squeals at me to proceed, no matter how old I get. And most times, I do because hey, how harmful can it be, right?

Over a year ago, I read this quote very prettily typed out somewhere, that said:

We wish and wish
But all we do is wait.

It hit me really hard that I had done exactly that all my life. I had wished, and waited for reality to just magically throw at me what I wanted, as if it had been standing by, for me to say: “I wish…”, for ages! Ladies, and gentlemen, let me tell you one thing, that was the stupidest lie I had ever made myself believe.

This is where our beloved 2014 came in and kicked that misconception out of the window. Suddenly I found myself in an obstacle race, without even knowing it. One by one, I was forced to conquer each hardship that I came across. Only rule I knew was the most obvious one, that each obstacle I jumped, got me nearer to the next.

The other, more important thing that I learnt, however, was the farther into the race I ran, the bigger became my chance to find something I had wished for, tucked away behind the obstacle I had just jumped. Now I hope you are understanding what I’m saying here, because these hidden prizes made me fall in love with the thrill, and the excitement of running without a stop, ever curious about what I might find at the end of this mile, and ten more,

I realized soon, that 2014 was the BEST year I’d ever had, only because of the triumphs and victories that came after sheer hard work. I also realized that the obstacle race is never-ending, in fact it is my life, and yours, forever.

Don’t worry though, you will fall in love with it too, in due time, if you haven’t already. Just trust me when I say,

You can be the richest or most privileged man on Earth, but the joy of achieving something that started out as a little wish entirely on your own, is unmatchable.

I really hope 2015 is lovely for all of you and I. Here’s to a new year and new lessons to learn! 🙂


4 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW LESSONS!

  1. Whenever I read from a person, I classify them into 2: the ones spewing negativity and darker side of the picture always, and the ones who would find some positivity from everything and a way to move forward.
    Its been rare nowadays, but I’ve found a lot of positive energy in you. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haw that is so sweet of you to say! Haha thank you! :’) this made my dayy! And honestly I felt the same about your work too, it was one of the reasons I loved your blog so much. I mean we can just sit and whine about how the world sucks or we can smile and accept things as they are, and do our best to make it better for everyone 🙂
      Thank you so much again! Your comment really did make my day! 😀


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