“HOLES” (Another poem)

Since you all seemed to like my previous poem, (thank you for that) here’s another that I wrote two mornings ago at around 5 am after I had spent the whole night without sleeping. I think we now know why I couldn’t sleep. It’s weird when you have a little idea tingling in the back of your head and it wants out, it pulls at you as if it were your child that wanted to buy candy. And in the end, you have to give in.

So this is me, giving in.

I hope you enjoy!

I grew up tall and sharp, but with holes in my heart,
Thought they would be filled, by people playing parts
That were given to them by destiny and fate…
I told myself to worry not, it wasn’t too late.

Two girls came walking by, I showed them my heart.
”Fill it up!”, I nicely said, ”Play your part!”
They smiled and held my hand, for months, ten plus eight.
But left me for some other friend, a new hole they had made.

Then a man came walking by, I showed him my heart.
”Fill it up now!”, I nicely said, ”Play your part!”
He looked at me, puzzled, asked me to wait.
But never came to get me, a new hole he had made.

So I sat, one day, cursing the holes in my heart.
How people’d just made more, by playing their parts.
I decided I’d had enough of false destiny and fate
And filled up, by my own self, the holes, and felt great.


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