1 Month Anniversary!! Ask me ANYTHING.

Hello everyone!! I’m really excited to tell you all that today this blog of mine, has turned one month old!! 

Thank you to all of you who have made blogging, something I was scared and somewhat hesitant about, SO much fun! I thank all 22 of you from the bottom of my heart, and hope I always have you in my life, no matter how old this blog gets. 

So you’re probably wondering why the title says “ask me anything.” Well… since I think about weird things, I figured we’ve always had an “I talk-you listen” relationship. Let’s change that for today, shall we?

Today, YOU CAN ASK ME ANYTHING YOU WANT, and I’ll reply.

Let’s see how this goes and then if you fellas like it, we might do it again some time!

(P.S. I am 99% sure I’ll reply to anything, unless the question demands to be ignored, sorry)

Leave the questions in the comments! see ya soon! ❤


12 thoughts on “1 Month Anniversary!! Ask me ANYTHING.

    1. 1. I wouldn’t want to essentially CHANGE anything about my blog, you can say I would surely want it to EVOLVE as I evolve, and maybe become something great one day.
      2. It’s kinda difficult to say but the one poem that comes to mind is “If I showed you my tear drops” by Erin Hanson.

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  1. Hi ^_^
    Congratz! Your blog is one month old.*_*
    Oka….so question time 😀

    Q1- What was the FIRST comment that made you feel very happy and satisfied like ‘wow my blog is going well’?

    Q2- When are you posting more poems? 😛

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    1. Well that moment for me was actually when I turned on my laptop and saw that my poem “deception” had 12 likes! and also I had gotten a lot of followers too!
      but if you want a comment, thennn it’ll probably be from this girl “Arielle” on this very post. scroll up you’ll see. :’)


    1. It’s mentioned in my “about” section, along with other pointless things 😛 It’s Maria. Nice to meet you! Since the answer to your question was already known to some people, I should probably tell you that you can ask more questions if you like. 🙂


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