I know. I know your secret. I know you aren’t what you pretend to be. You aren’t human.

Still, what did you do to the ones you’re claiming to be? What did you do to their lives? Did you choke the kindness out? Did you stab the compassion to death? Did the grace and beauty scream as you were burning them down? What did you do, what exactly? When you were making their bodies your slaves, did they resist or were they motion-less? As you captivated their naivety like one captivates fireflies in a jar, first coveting and then setting free; Except you’re not setting it free, are you? It was never your plan… Nobody and nothing is getting out of your cages.

But I know. And I will tell the whole world. I will write it down so it lives forever- your filthiest secret in the ink absorbed by paper. You will watch the words screaming it out:

”You are and forever will be, only an imposter”.


12 thoughts on “IMPOSTER

      1. Hahaha this is so And I actualy went back to see your old comment masha Allah yar such progress you have made 😂😂 jk jk I love you any way.
        Miss you tooo! ^-^ stay happy bas wheneverwe meet we’ll share the happiness in sha Allah

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