Hello world! Below is my first post on my new blog. Wow I love saying “my new blog”. I wrote this as a gift for a friend, who is lovely. It’s sort of like fiction, combined with her personality, combined with my own idea of “perfection”. I do hope you like it. 🙂

She used to say her soul smelt of summer.

She screamed words of happiness and lit the world up, like fireworks do at night. She hopped on flowers and walked on grass, she flew with those butterflies, red and yellow, each time they came. She inhaled the soft breeze and absorbed the sun’s warmth. To some she was like air, to others a bird flying high, unreachable.

They all wondered on and on, what the secret was behind this never-ending season of pretty magnolias. They speculated about how much it would have cost, buying that beauty, and how she had managed to keep it all for herself, and where.

They wanted to steal it, yes, those fatally jealous hearts, as that’s all they had learnt to do. Little did they know, all she did was give away all of her. There was no expensive secret ingredient, only a difficult one- to give.

She fed the fish and the river reflected it for the world to see. She freed the birds and they kept her alive in their songs forever. She sat on clouds, always so gently, that they poured her light down onto the lands streching far and wide, as a token of gratitude… And so the reflection shined, the melodies played and the earth glowed, all for her.

That was her big secret to being evergreen. She gave to the universe, time and time again, and became beautiful.


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